Swiss Travel Pass map: Efficient travel planning tool for Swiss Travel Pass users

A Swiss Travel Pass is a travel card that unlocks access to the Swiss Travel System, which includes trains, buses, boats, and more. A Swiss Travel Pass map will give you an idea of the incredible scope of this pass and the various perks that come with purchasing it. You can use the map to chart your travel routes, and modes of commute and plan your Swiss holiday with ease. While planning your Swiss escapade with the map, read more about Swiss Travel Pass usage and activation and seat reservations.

Swiss Travel Pass map

Understanding the Swiss Travel Pass

The map provided illustrates the coverage of the Swiss Travel Pass, with legends indicating the meaning of each line. To provide further clarification, let's break down the key features of the map here:

  • Red lines: Rail lines
  • Yellow lines: Bus routes
  • Black lines: Cable cars
  • White lines: Boat trips
  • Continuous lines: Unlimited travel on all train, bus, and boat routes with the Pass
  • Dotted lines: Unlimited travel with a reduction in prices for Swiss Travel Pass holders
  • Red/White dot: Valid for local public transport in cities marked with red/white dots
  • Grey lines: No reductions

Frequently asked questions

What is the area of validity of the Swiss Travel Pass?

Your Swiss Travel Pass covers the entire Swiss Travel System, encompassing trains, buses, boats, and cable cars. Additionally, you can benefit from extra advantages such as entry to over 500 museums, discounted usage of mountain railways, and access to high-altitude excursions to Stanserhorn, Brunni, and Stoos.

What does the black dotted line mean on the map?

Black lines on the Swiss Travel Pass map indicate cable car rides and dotted lines mean discounts. Thus, black dotted lines mean that you can enjoy discounted cable car rides along those routes.

Is Bernina Express included in the Swiss Travel Pass?

Yes, the famous Bernina Express journey is included in your Swiss Travel Pass. However, you may need to pay for a seat reservation.

Can I use the Swiss Travel Pass to connect from Bern to Geneva?

Yes, you can enjoy swift and efficient train connections along the Bern to Geneva route with a Swiss Travel Pass. 

Does the Swiss Travel Pass cover bus rides?

Yes, many bus rides are free or discounted with the Swiss Travel Pass. You can check out the yellow lines on the map to discover the buses covered by the pass.

Which cities are included in the Swiss Travel Pass?

Almost all Swiss cities are covered by the Swiss Travel Pass. You can easily connect between them using the pass. Additionally, the cities marked in red and white dots offer unlimited public transport usage with the pass. 

Are premium trains covered by the Swiss Travel Pass?

Yes, premium trains like Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Gotthard Panorama Express, and many others are included in the Swiss Travel Pass. Keep in mind that these trains often require a separate seat reservation, which needs to be purchased even if you have a pass. 

Can I use the Swiss Travel Pass for Glacier Express?

One of the world’s most scenic train rides is offered by the Glacier Express, which is included in your Swiss Travel Pass. You may, however, have to buy an additional seat reservation ticket. 

Do I need seat reservations with the Swiss Travel Pass?

Most Swiss trains do not require seat reservations and can be boarded with just the Swiss Travel Pass. However, premium trains like Bernina Express, Luzern-Interlaken Express, and a few others necessitate separate seat reservations. Read more about Swiss Travel Pass seat reservations.