How to use an Interrail Pass?

Your upcoming European journey calls for an Interrail Pass—an all-in-one solution for convenient train travel across the continent for European citizens. Using the Interrail Pass grants you access to a vast and picturesque rail network that spans 33 European countries. Read on to learn more about pass customization, activation, and tips to make the best use of your Interrail Pass. 

Selecting the right Interrail Pass

The first step to making the most of your Pass involves choosing the right one. Follow the steps below to customize it as per your travel itinerary, intent, and budget. 

Global or Single Country Interrail Pass

1. Choose between a Global or One-Country Pass

The type of pass you require, whether it's a Global Pass or a One-Country Pass, depends on your chosen travel destination.

Global Pass

One-Country Pass

Flexi or Continuous Interrail Pass

2. Choose between a Flexi or Continuous Pass

The decision between Flexi and Continuous becomes clear when you have a general sense of how frequent your train journey will be.

Flexi Pass

  • For a paced-out train journey with breaks in between
  • Your travel days needn’t be consecutive but select calendar days over a set timeframe
  • Available as 4/5/7/10/15-day Flexi Passes

Continuous Pass

  • For more constant & regular train journeys
  • Once activated, every day till the end of validity is a travel day
  • Available as 15/22 days & 1/2/3 month Continuous Passes
Interrail Pass Validity

3. Choose your pass validity

Choosing the duration of your Interrail Pass hinges on the total days you plan to spend traveling by train.

Flexi Pass validity

  • 4/5/7 random travel days within 30 days of the first activation
  • 10/15 random travel days within 60 days of the first activation

Continuous Pass validity

  • 15/22 days of consecutive travel
  • 1/2/3 months of continuous travel
Interrail Pass seat preference

4. Choose your seat preference

Your decision to opt for either first-class or second-class travel depends on your preferences for comfort and privacy.

First-Class travel

  • Experience a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere for reading, working, or relaxing
  • More amenities like spacious seats with more legroom, more power supply, wider work surfaces, and cabin service

Second-Class travel

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable ride
  • Meet like-minded travelers, and experience a culturally immersive journey
Age-appropriate Interrail pass

5. Choose an age-appropriate pass

You must take into account the ages of the travelers to choose rightly. Specific age categories may be eligible for reduced pass prices.

Adult Pass
For passengers aged between 28 to 59 years
Senior Pass
For passengers over 60 on the first day of pass validity
Youth Pass
For passengers aged under 27 on the first day of pass validity
Child Pass:

  • One Adult Pass holder can bring along two children aged between 4 and 11 without any extra charges. However, any necessary reservation fees apply
  • For more than two children, a Youth Pass must be acquired for each additional child
  • Children under the age of 4 can travel at no cost with a paying adult, provided they do not occupy a seat.

Interrail Pass activation

Your Interrail Mobile Pass needs to be activated before you commence your journey. You need to download the Rail Planner App for this.

Step 1: Sync your pass to the phone
Step 2: Connect a trip
Step 3: Activate your pass
Step 4: Add your journey
Step 5: Display your ticket for inspection
Sync your pass to the phone - Interrail Pass activation
  • Follow the link on the confirmation email you received upon purchasing the Interrail Pass 


  • Open the Rail Planner app and go to ‘My Pass
  • Click on ‘Add your Pass
  • You will have to enter your surname and pass number which can be found on the confirmation email

*Please note that once the pass has been added to your phone, you can always access it in the ‘My Pass’ section

Connect a trip - Interrail Pass activation
  • You need to ‘Create a new trip’ and name it to activate your pass and to keep track of your journeys
Interrail Pass activation
  • To activate your pass, you need your Passport or other valid ID and the first date of your travel
  • Enter the passport or ID number on the app. This should be the same as the number on the ID document you will produce upon inspection
  • Choose your first travel day. This is the first day you will be traveling in trains. It is also the start date for the countdown to your pass’s validity

*Please note that this step can be done up until the day you start traveling. Keep in mind that Interrail Pass is not valid unless activated. The pass can be activated within 11 months post-purchase.

Add your journey - Interrail Pass activation
  • In the app, search for trains using the Planner
  • You can enter your 'from' and 'to' destinations and filter your search with options like date and time, ‘no reservations needed’ etc. 
  • When you find a journey that fits you, click on 'Save the journey to your trip'
  • When you are ready to travel, click on 'Add your journey' to your pass on 'My Trip'

*For Flexi Passes, when you add a journey to your pass, you will be using up a travel day.

Ticket display - Interrail Pass activation
  • Every travel day has a separate ticket. Each of these tickets has all the journeys you have added for that particular day
  • To display your ticket, go to ‘My Pass
  • Click on ‘Show Ticket
  • The ticket inspector will scan the barcode, and see if the train you are on is listed on the pass. They may also ask for personal information and a valid ID or Passport.

For more details on pass activation check out the Interrail Pass activation document 

Interrail seat reservation

When to reserve seats?
How to reserve seats?
Seat reservation - Interrail Pass
Seat reservation - Interrail Pass

Frequently asked questions

How does Interrail Pass work?

Interrail Pass is a single travel card that lets European residents easily travel via trains in 33 European countries. In most cases, all you need is your Pass and a valid photo ID or Passport to board the train and travel across destinations.

When should I activate my Interrail Pass?

Your Interrail Pass can be activated within 11 months post-purchase, giving you ample time to plan. You can activate your pass up until the day you intend to travel. Do note that Interrail Pass is not valid unless it is activated.

Can I use Interrail Pass in my own country?

Interrail Pass is for the specific use of European residents. You can only use the Pass to make two journeys in your home country - one to leave and one to enter back. 

How do I activate my Interrail Pass?

You can board trains only with an activated Interrail Pass. Activation can be done online via the Rail Planner app. Follow the steps mentioned in this Interrail Pass activation guide to do the same. 

How do I show my Interrail Pass upon inspection?

Open up the Rail Planner app on your phone. Go to ‘My Pass’ and tap on ‘Show Ticket’. The barcode for the journeys for that travel day will be displayed. The inspector may also ask for your personal information and Passport or valid ID. 

How many countries are covered by an Interrail Global Pass?

The Interrail Global Pass covers 33 European countries and makes international travel within Europe super efficient. Read more about the Interrail countries covered by the Interrail Pass.

What documents should I produce upon ticket inspection on the train?

You should carry your Passport or valid photo ID along with the Interrail Pass to board the trains. As the Interrail Pass is just for European residents, carry your European residency card.

What is a travel day?

You are given a specific set of days during which your Pass is valid for travel. For example, in the case of a 7-day Flexi Pass, you can decide which those 7 days are as long as they are within the overall validity period of 1 month. In the case of a Continuous Pass, it stays valid every day from the first activation until the end of its validity.

Do night trains use more travel days?

You will only need to use one travel day for night trains. If you're on a night train arriving after midnight, your day of departure counts as the travel day. If you continue your journey on a different train after your night train arrives, you'll need to use an additional travel day. However, when you include this journey in your Pass, we'll prompt you to allocate another travel day, ensuring that you have the necessary coverage.