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Unlocking Europe: The train pass solution

For your next European adventure, gift yourself the convenience of a train pass, which enables multiple train journeys in Europe. These passes save you the trouble of buying individual tickets for every train ride and make rail commuting - either within a single country or between countries - super efficient. If your trip itinerary includes many train connections, an affordable and flexible Europe train pass is your best asset.

Europe train passes

Eurail Global Pass
Interrail Global Pass
Switzerland Passes
Italy Passes
Germany Passes

Eligibility: Non-European residents

Pass types: Flexible & Continuous Passes

  • Unlimited train rides across 33 European countries
  • Easy pass customization as per your travel needs
  • Great discounts for seniors, youth & children

Eligibility: European residents

Pass types: Flexible & Continuous Passes

  • Seamless train connections in 33 European countries
  • Reduced pricing for children, youth & seniors
  • Create a pass tailored to your trip itinerary with flexible pass options

Eligibility: User eligibility differs with the type of pass

Pass types: Swiss Flexi Pass, Swiss Continuous Pass, Swiss Half Fare Card, Interrail Switzerland Pass

  • Swift access to Swiss trains
  • Perks like bus & boat access, museum entry, cable car discounts & more
  • Varied pass options that fit different travel plans

Eligibility: User eligibility differs with the type of pass

Pass types: 3-Journey Trenitalia Pass, 4-Journey Trenitalia Pass, 10-Journey Trenitalia Pass

  • Discounted travel for youth & children
  • Customize the pass as per your travel itinerary & comfort needs

Eligibility: Passholder eligibility varies with the type of pass

Pass types: Interrail Germany Pass, Eurail Germany Pass

  • Children, youth & senior citizens travel at discounted rates
  • Tailor the pass to meet your travel requirements

Why buy a Europe train pass?

Europe Train Pass
  • Cost-efficient: Multiple train journeys will cost you less with a train pass, making it a valuable investment for your holiday.
  • Discounted rates: Reduced pricing is often applicable for youth, children, and seniors, making the pass even more cost-effective.
  • Flexibility: Rail passes make sense, not just economically, but also offer great flexibility to your travel plans, unlike individual tickets.
  • Unlimited journeys: Trains in Europe offer extensive coverage and most passes allow unlimited journeys within a timeframe, thus making connections seamless.
  • Pass perks: Unlike train tickets, Europe rail passes often include many perks like museum access and other discounts.
  • Customization: With multiple options to choose from, train passes can be customized to tailor to your travel needs.

Europe train pass variants

Continuous Europe Train Pass

Continuous Pass

  • Ideal for continuous travel
  • Easy activation
  • Once activated, every day is a travel day until expiration
Flexi Pass

Flexi Pass

  • Ideal for paced-out journeys
  • Flexible
  • Choose your preferred travel days within a set timeframe
First class rail pass journey

First-class pass

  • Ideal for those seeking privacy
  • Noiseless atmosphere for work & relaxation
  • More amenities like cozy seats, better legroom and space, larger work areas, better connectivity to wifi and power supply & more
Second class rail pass journey

Second-class pass

  • Ideal for budget-conscious travelers
  • Communal ride with better chances to meet a culturally diverse crowd
  • Affordable with comfortable amenities

Plan your journey with Europe train passes

Pass types
Eurail Vs. Interrail
How to use?
Seat reservation
Train Networks
Scenic routes
Europe Global Passes
Global Pass
  • Offers seamless connection from one European country to another

Check out Europe Global Passes

One-Country Pass
  • Provides access to all trains within a single European nation
Eurail vs Interrail Pass
What is the difference between an Interrail Pass and a Eurail Pass?

The primary difference between an Interrail and Eurail Pass is the user.

Read more about the difference between the passes and its target users on Eurail Vs. Interrail

Eurail Pass
  • Choose the right Eurail Pass, activate with the Rail Planner app & reserve seats whenever necessary

Learn more on how to use Eurail Pass

Interrail Pass
  • Select the appropriate Interrail Pass, activate & add journeys with the Rail Planner app, & make seat reservations if necessary

Learn more on how to use Interrail Pass

Swiss Travel Pass
  • Opt for an appropriate Swiss Travel Pass; Swiss Continuous Pass & Swiss Half Fare Card come pre-validated but the Swiss Flexi Pass needs to be activated separately

Read more on how to use Swiss Travel Pass

Eurail Pass
  • A separate seat reservation is mandatory for some European trains. In most trains, you also have the option to reserve if you want a guaranteed seat

Read more on Eurail seat reservations

Interrail Pass
  • While in most European trains seat reservations are optional, there are a few trains that necessitate reservations

Read more on Interrail seat reservation

Swiss Travel Pass
  • Most Swiss trains do not require seat reservation. A few exceptions to this are premium and international trains

Read more on Swiss Travel Pass seat reservation

Europe Train Networks - Glacier Express

Frequently asked questions about train passes

What is a Europe train pass and how does it work?

A Europe train pass is a single ticket that grants you access to many trains. Depending on the features of your pass, you can make multiple train journeys within a country or even internationally in Europe. With a train pass, you can avoid getting tickets for every train and conveniently alight as you please. 

Is a Europe train pass worth it?

A European train pass is worth your money if you intend to travel extensively by train. The more train journeys you make, the more useful a train pass is.

What is the difference between Eurail and Interrail Train Passes?

While Eurail train passes cater to the use of non-residents of Europe, the Russian Federation, or Turkey, Interrail train passes are for the specific use of European residents. Read more about their differences on the Eurail Vs. Interrail page.

What is a Swiss Travel Pass?

A Swiss Travel Pass is a pass that offers non-residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, unlimited access to the Swiss travel system which includes trains, buses, boats, mountain railways, and cable cars.

What are the benefits of a Europe train pass?

A Europe train pass eliminates the hassle of getting tickets for every train journey. With passes offering great flexibility, you can easily customize your trip or make last-minute changes. You can travel within a country and even cross borders with Europe train passes. If you have a lot of train commuting planned, a train pass is not only convenient but also cost-effective. Please check your pass details for more information.

Are there youth or senior discounts for Europe train passes?

Yes, most Europe train passes offer reduced pricing for youth, seniors, and children. Please check your ticket details for more information.

How do I purchase a Europe train pass?

You can purchase a Europe train pass online. You can benefit from the best discounts on your ticket price and enjoy convenience by booking online.

What is the validity period of a Europe train pass?

The validity of your Europe train pass depends on the type of ticket purchased. Please refer to your ticket details for more information.

Can I get a refund for my Europe train pass?

Cancellation and refund policy varies with the type of pass purchased. Kindly refer to your ticket for more specific information.