How to use a Eurail Pass?

Your next European adventure warrants a Eurail Pass, the one-ticket solution to easy train hopping on the continent. With it, you can traverse the extensive and scenic rail network covering 33 European nations. With flexible and customizable pass options, a Eurail Pass can be tailored to suit your travel itinerary. Curious? Let us break down the process for you.

Selecting the right Eurail Pass

First things first. Choosing the right Eurail Pass is critical to its optimal usage. A fair grasp of your travel intent, itinerary, and rough budget will make this decision easier for you. Follow the steps below to choose a pass that best fits your needs.

Global or Single Country Eurail Pass

1. Choose between a Global or One-Country Pass

Your travel destination will decide if you need a Global or One-Country Pass.

Global Pass

One-Country Pass

  • If you are traveling within a single European country and need access to the train system only within that country, choose a Eurail One-Country Pass
Flexi or Continuous Eurail Pass

2. Choose between a Flexi or Continuous Pass

The choice between Flexi or Continuous becomes straightforward if you have a rough idea of the pace of your train travel.

Flexi Pass

  • If you are planning a paced-out train journey, opt for a Flexi Pass
  • Travel days need not be consecutive, but can be random calendar days over a certain period
  • Available as 4/5/7/10/15-day Flexi Passes

Continuous Pass

  • If you plan to travel continuously in trains, select a Continuous Pass
  • Travel days are consecutive
  • Available as 15/22 days & 1/2/3 month Continuous Passes
Eurail Pass Validity

3. Choose your pass validity

Selecting the validity of your Eurail Pass will depend on the number of days you would actually be traveling in trains.

Flexi Pass validity

  • 4/5/7 random travel days within 30 days of the first activation
  • 10/15 random travel days within 60 days of the first activation

Continuous Pass validity

  • 15/22 days of consecutive travel
  • 1/2/3 months of continuous travel
Eurail Pass seat preference

4. Choose your seat preference

The choice between first or second-class travel is determined by your comfort and privacy needs.

First-Class travel

  • Enjoy greater privacy, adjustable seats, more legroom & cabin service with first-class 

Second-Class travel

  • Meet like-minded travelers and experience a communal and comfortable journey with second-class
Age-appropriate Eurail pass

5. Choose an age-appropriate pass

The age of the passengers will determine this choice.

Adult Pass
For passengers aged between 28 to 59 years
Senior Pass
For passengers over 60, a 10% discount is applied
Youth Pass
For passengers aged under 27 on the first day of pass validity
Child Pass

  • Two children aged 4 to 11 years can travel free of cost with one Adult Pass, although they still need to pay any relevant reservation fees if required. 
  • If there are more than 2 children, a Youth Pass must be obtained for every child. 
  • Children aged under 4 can travel for free with a paying adult if they are not occupying a seat.

Eurail Pass activation

Before embarking on your journey, it's essential to activate your Eurail Mobile Pass. To do so, you must install the Rail Planner App.

Step 1: Sync your pass to the phone
Step 2: Connect a trip
Step 3: Activate your pass
Step 4: Add your journey
Step 5: Display your ticket for inspection
Sync to phone - Eurail Pass activation
  • Follow the link on the confirmation email you received upon purchasing the Eurail Pass 


  • Open the Rail Planner app and go to ‘My Pass
  • Click on ‘Add your Pass
  • You will have to enter your surname and pass number which can be found on the confirmation email

*Please note that once the pass has been added to your phone, you can always access it in the ‘My Pass’ section

Connect a trip - Eurail Pass activation
  • You need to ‘Create a new trip’ and name it to activate your pass and to keep track of your journeys
Eurail Pass activation
  • To activate your pass, you need your Passport or other valid ID and the first date of your travel
  • Enter the passport or ID number on the app. This should be the same as the number on the ID document you will produce upon inspection
  • Choose your first travel day. This is the first day you will be traveling in trains. It is also the start date for the countdown to your pass’s validity

*Please note that this step can be done up until the day you start traveling. Keep in mind that Eurail Pass is not valid unless activated. The pass can be activated within 11 months post-purchase.

Add your journey - Eurail Pass planner
  • In the app, search for trains using the Planner
  • You can enter your 'from' and 'to' destinations and filter your search with options like date and time, ‘no reservations needed’ etc. 
  • When you find a journey that fits you, click on 'Save the journey to your trip'
  • When you are ready to travel, click on 'Add your journey' to your pass on 'My Trip'

*For Eurail Flexi Passes, when you add a journey to your pass, you will be using up a travel day.

Show ticket - Eurail Pass
  • Every travel day has a separate ticket. Each of these tickets has all the journeys you have added for that particular day
  • To display your ticket, go to ‘My Pass
  • Click on ‘Show Ticket
  • The ticket inspector will scan the barcode, and see if the train you are on is listed on the pass. They may also ask for personal information and a Passport.

Learn more about pass activation from the Eurail Pass activation document.

Seat reservation

When to reserve seats?
How to reserve seats?
Seat reservation - Eurail Pass
Seat reservation - Eurail Pass

Frequently asked questions

How many countries are covered by a Eurail Global Pass?

33 European countries are covered by a Eurail Global Pass, making international border crossings super efficient. Read more about the Eurail countries covered by the Eurail Pass.

Should I download an app to use Eurail Pass?

You should download the Eurail Rail Planner app for using your Eurail Pass. You can plan and keep track of your journeys easily with this app.

How do I activate my Eurail Pass?

You should activate your Eurail Pass before starting your train journey and this can be done online via the Rail Planner app. Follow the instructions mentioned in this Eurail Pass activation guide to do the same. 

What is a travel day?

You are allotted a specific set of days during which your Pass is valid(eg: 5 days within a month) and these days where you actually embark on train journeys are called travel days. For Flexi Pass, these travel days are flexible and can be utilized at your convenience within the overall validity period. For Continuous Pass, these are consecutive.

Do night trains use more travel days?

For night trains, you'll only need to use one travel day. If you're on a night train arriving after midnight, your day of departure counts as the travel day. If you continue your journey on a different train after your night train arrives, you'll need to use an additional travel day.

What is the validity of my Eurail Pass?

You can use your Eurail Pass within 11 months post-purchase, which gives you ample time to plan and arrange your trip itinerary.

What documents should I produce upon ticket inspection on the train?

Your Passport or valid photo ID should be produced along with the Eurail Pass upon inspection.