How to use a Swiss Travel Pass?

The Swiss Travel Pass is your ideal ticket to explore the whole of Switzerland. This pass is all you need to access the Swiss Travel System, which includes trains, buses, boats, and more. Defined by the mountainous landscape, Switzerland is made even more accessible with your pass offering free or discounted access to peaks like Mount Rigi, Stoos, Jungfraujoch, and more. The pass can be personalized as per your travel requirements. Perks like entry to 500 museums, free public transport in 90+ cities, and flexibility make the Swiss Travel Pass a valuable travel asset.

How to choose the right Swiss Travel Pass?

Swiss Travel Pass

Step 1: Choose pass type

Swiss Continuous Travel Pass

  • Best suited for: Travelers who are constantly on the move
  • Continuously valid from the date of activation

Swiss Flexible Travel Pass

  • Best suited for: Travelers planning a paced-out journey 
  • Valid for select days of your choosing within a set timeframe

Swiss Half Fare Card

  • Best suited for: Travelers planning a long stay in Switzerland
  • Purchase tickets at 50% reduction
First Class with the Swiss Travel Pass

Step 2: Choose a travel class

First-class pass

  • Best suited for: Travelers seeking privacy
  • Quiet atmosphere ideal for working, reading, or relaxing
  • More amenities at your service like spacious seats, ample legroom, larger workstations, better power access, and sometimes at-seat meals

Second-class pass

  • Best suited for: Budget travelers
  • Communal journey with more like-minded travelers
  • Affordable rail passes that offer services to make your trip comfortable
Swiss Travel Pass Validity

Step 3: Choose pass validity

Continuous Pass

  • 3/4/6/8/15-days of constant validity

Flexible Pass

  • Valid for 3/4/6/8/15-random days of your choosing within a month

*Swiss Half Fare Card is valid for 1 month

How to buy a Swiss Travel Pass? 

  1. Select the pass type: Choice between Swiss Continuous Travel Pass/Swiss Flexible Travel Pass/Swiss Half Fare Card
  2. Select the date of travel: This step is very crucial for the Continuous Pass & Half Fare Card, as the pass gets activated on this date
  3. Customize your pass: Choose between first or second class and select a validity period, as per your travel needs
  4. Select the age-appropriate passes: Discounts apply for children and youth
  5. Personal information: Fill out your details like name, email ID, and country of residence accurately
  6. Payment: Make payment to receive a booking confirmation in your mail inbox

Book Swiss Travel Passes

Swiss Continuous Travel Pass with Access to Train, Bus & Boat
Free Cancellation
Mobile ticket
Flexible Duration
More details
CHF 244
Swiss Flexible Travel Pass with Access to Train, Bus & Boat
Free Cancellation
Mobile ticket
Flexible Duration
More details
CHF 279

How to use a Swiss Travel Pass?

Using a Swiss Travel Pass is straightforward and fully digital. However, they do vary slightly with the pass type. Check out the section below to learn more about using the Flexible Pass, Continuous Pass, and Half-Fare Card. 

How to redeem your Swiss Flexible Travel Pass?
How to redeem your Swiss Continuous Travel Pass?
How to redeem your Swiss Half Fare Card?
Swiss Flexible Travel Pass
Swiss Continuous Travel Pass
Swiss Half Fare Card

Are seat reservations required with a Swiss Travel Pass?

  • Most Swiss trains do not require additional seat reservations. Simply board with an activated and valid Swiss Travel Pass and passport.
  • Some scenic Swiss trains have mandatory seat reservation policies. You are obligated to purchase a seat reservation even while having a valid Swiss Travel Pass. These include trains like Bernina Express, Glacier Express, Gotthard Panorama Express, and other premium trains.
  • International trains also often require extra seat reservations.

How do I make reservations?

To make reservations for scenic trains, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official website of the train and look for the reservations section
  2. Enter your journey details, choose your train and seats
  3. Select the Swiss Travel Pass or Swiss Half Fare Card option on checkout and avail of ticket discounts
  4. Make the payment to receive the e-ticket
  5. Display your pass, seat reservation ticket, and valid ID upon inspection

Travel tips

Swiss Travel Pass Tips
  • Seat reservations: If reservations are necessary, be sure to book them in advance as they can run out during peak season. 
  • Ticket validity: Once activated, Swiss Travel Passes are valid from 00:00 AM to 05:00 AM the next day. So if you are on a night train on the last day of the pass's validity, you can travel till 5 AM the next morning.
  • Inclusions: Be sure to take advantage of the useful inclusions with the pass. Mountains railway excursions to Rigi, Stanserhorn, and Stoos are free and many others including Jungfraujoch are discounted. You also get to visit many museums. 
  • Digital Pass: Your Swiss Travel Pass is conveniently digital. But if you feel old-school and want to keep the ticket as a souvenir of a great trip, or want to be on the safe side, print it out.
  • Essential documents: Ticket inspectors will ask for your passport, visa, or residency card along with the Swiss Travel Pass. Take note to carry them.
  • First-class tickets: First-class tickets come with many perks making it a good purchase for those seeking an elevated experience. Certain Swiss boats have first class on the upper deck with better viewing areas. 
  • Discounted travel routes: If the pass permits discounted access to certain routes, you need to purchase those tickets online or at stations and show the pass to avail of the discount. 
  • Continuous Pass validity: If you have an activated Continuous Pass, and you haven’t traveled on a day, it still constitutes a travel day.  

Frequently asked questions

What is included in my Swiss Travel Pass?

A Swiss Travel Pass offers unlimited journeys on Swiss trains including premium scenic trains, buses, and boats. Public transport in 90+ cities is also free with a Swiss Travel Pass. It offers discounts for cable cars, and mountain railway at Jungfraujoch, Gornergrat etc. You can also access many museums and landmarks freely with a Swiss Travel Pass. 

Who is eligible for a Swiss Travel Pass?

Tourists who are non-residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein are eligible for a Swiss Travel Pass

How do I activate my Swiss Travel Pass?

Swiss Continuous Travel Pass and Swiss Half Fare Card are automatically activated on the date you choose while booking. A Swiss Flexible Travel Pass must be activated at

How do I use my Swiss Travel Pass at the station?

If you have a Swiss Continuous Travel Pass or a Swiss Flexible Travel Pass, simply turn up at the station and board with your pass. You can take any available seat. If you have a Swiss Half Fare Card, purchase tickets from the station or online and board with those discounted train tickets. Make advance seat reservations with the Swiss Travel Pass if required.

When can I start using my Swiss Travel Pass?

In the case of the Swiss Continuous Travel Pass and Swiss Half Fare Card, you can start using the pass from the date you selected while purchasing your pass. For the Swiss Flexible Travel Pass, you can use the pass as and when the travel day is activated. The one-month expiration date is calculated from the first travel day in this case. 

What is the difference between first-class and second-class tickets?

The first class offers a noise-less environment apt for working, reading, and relaxing. They also come with better amenities like comfy and spacious seats, wide legroom, and sometimes at-seat catering. On boats, first class is on the upper deck with better viewing capacity. On the other hand, second class is more budget-friendly. You can continue to enjoy comfortable amenities and meet a lot of like-minded fellow travelers en route. 

Is the Swiss Travel Pass worth it?

A Swiss Travel Pass is totally worth it if you have plans for extensive Swiss exploration. The more you travel with trains, buses, and boats, the more the pass makes sense economically. It also lends flexibility to your trip and offers many perks. 

What should I keep in mind while booking a Swiss Travel Pass?

While booking a Swiss Travel Pass, be sure to have a general idea of your itinerary to choose the right pass with the required validity. If you have chosen a Continuous Pass or Swiss Half Fare Card, you need to be very careful when you select the date. This becomes the date your pass gets activated for travel. Also, be sure to cross-verify your email address as the pass is sent there.

What documents should I produce while traveling with a Swiss Travel Pass?

Along with your Swiss Travel Pass, carry your Passport, visa/residence card, and seat reservation tickets if required. 

What routes does the Swiss Travel Pass cover?

Check out the Swiss Travel Pass map to discover the routes covered by the pass. 

Does Swiss Travel Pass offer reduced pricing for children?

Yes, Swiss Travel Passes offer reduced pricing for youth and children. Children below the age of 6 can travel for free, given they do not occupy any seats.

How will I receive my Swiss Travel Pass?

You will receive your pass as an e-ticket which can be downloaded and printed.