Eurail map: Efficient travel planning tool for Eurail passholders

A Eurail map is an extremely handy tool for planning your European adventure. At a glance, you can discover the popular train routes and the extensive coverage offered by the Eurail Global Pass to non-European residents. Chart your travel course effectively using the map, and subsequently choose the kind of Eurail Pass you require to enjoy flexibility and cost-efficiency on your next train-hopping holiday in the continent. 

Eurail map

Eurail Map

All the major city train connections in Europe covered by the Eurail Pass are captured in the Eurail map. However, note that Eurail Pass coverage is not limited to this, and so many more regional train connections are also covered, making the pass ideal not just for city-to-city travel but also within cities and suburban areas. The map also displays the average travel time between the cities, thereby letting you plan your itinerary more efficiently. 

Practical tip: Use the map to decide the number of connections you will make. Then check the price for individual tickets, and compare it with the Eurail Pass price to see if it is a budget fit. However, note that the pass also grants great freedom to your plans, unlike point-to-point tickets that tie you to a particular train.

Understanding the Eurail map

  • The Eurail map provides an overview of the larger European cities and the train connections between them. It is essential to note that the Eurail Pass coverage is not limited to these train journeys.
  • The interactive map above allows you to click on the train icons to see the city names
  • Click on the lines connecting the cities to find the average train travel time between them

Frequently asked questions

Which cities can I visit with a Eurail Pass?

Numerous cities spanning over 33 European countries can be visited with a Eurail Pass. Some of these cities are Frankfurt, Brussels, London, Paris, Lyon, Madrid and more. Check out the Eurail countries page to find out more about the cities you can visit with the pass.

What are the scenic routes covered by the Eurail Pass?

Europe is known for its scenic railway routes and much of it is covered by the Eurail Pass. Some routes and trains included in the pass are the Black Forest Railway, Cinque Terre, Glacier Express, Arlbergline Scenic Train, Centovalli Railway, Flam Railway, and many more. Check out European scenic routes covered by train passes to traverse Europe's most beautiful trails.

Is Paris to London included in Eurail?

Yes, you can connect from Paris to London with a Eurail Global Pass. The Eurostar high-speed train (reservation required) is the popular train connecting London to Paris.

What are some of the popular train routes included in the Eurail Pass?

Paris to Barcelona, Rome to Venice, Amsterdam to Berlin, Vienna to Budapest, and Paris to Amsterdam are a few of the popular train routes included in the Eurail Pass.

Which countries are included in the Eurail Pass?

Non-European residents can visit 33 European countries with the Eurail Pass. Some of them are France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Germany, Greece and Spain. Check out Eurail countries to find out more about the nations you can visit with the Eurail Pass.

Where can I find the train timings to plan my journey with the Eurail Pass?

All train details including train timings can be found on the Rail Planner app which you will have to download for the effective use of the Eurail Pass. 

What should I keep in mind while planning a trip with a Eurail Pass?

Use the map and Rail Planner app resources to decide your routes, make seat reservations (if required) in advance as tickets tend to sell out, and be sure you have all the relevant documents like your passport and visa before travel. Check out the Europe Trip Planner page for effective European holiday planning with train passes.

Can I embark on a spontaneous journey with the Eurail Pass?

A major factor that distinguishes the Eurail Pass from point-to-point tickets is that while the latter is just for a specific train at a given time, the Eurail Pass can be used on any train. It is flexible; meaning you can make a spontaneous plan and hop on any train by simply adding that journey onto your pass (given seat reservations are not mandatory).