Bernina Express tickets

Bernina Express, traversing a UNESCO World Heritage Site railway route, is among the top contenders for the most scenic train routes in the world. The scenery changes from frozen glaciers and picture-perfect gorges to swaying palms as you journey from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy. With panoramic windows offering the ultimate sightseeing experience, grab your seats on the Bernina Express as it winds through one of Europe's highest and steepest railways, adorned with incredible natural wonders and engineering marvels.

Bernina Express - at a glance

Bernina Express
  • Route: Chur/St Moritz - Tirano (Italy)
  • Frequency: Number of trains running per day varies with the season & route*
  • Schedule: Timetable changes seasonally, check updates online
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Distance: 144 km 
  • Reservation: Seat reservations are mandatory  
  • Stops: Number of stops varies with the route 
  • Ticket types: First Class & Second Class tickets
  • Requirements: Bernina Express tickets & seat reservation supplements; Passport & valid travel documents for Switzerland & Italy
  • Facts: Part of UNESCO World Heritage Site; passes through 55 tunnels & 196 bridges 

*Some trains start in Chur and travel to Tirano (no stop in St Moritz), while others start in St Moritz and continue to Tirano; the number of trains running a day will vary depending on the season - a maximum of three and a minimum of one train will run every day as per season.

Bernina Express ticket options

Bernina Express First Class

Bernina Express First Class

  • Best suited for: Travelers looking for privacy & better amenities
  • Panoramic windows with more space & less crowd
  • 2+1 seat composition with one entire column of just window seats
  • Complimentary Lindt chocolates and tea
Bernina Express Second Class

Bernina Express Second Class

  • Best suited for: Budget travelers
  • Panoramic windows 
  • 2+2 seat composition with both columns having 2 seats each 
  • Affordable tickets

Unlock access to Bernina Express

There are multiple ways to gain access to the train. You need a ticket and a seat reservation supplement. You can purchase separate Bernina Express tickets or get a travel pass like a Eurail/Interrail Pass or a Swiss Travel Pass. If you get the passes, the ticket fare is covered but you need to pay for the seat reservation separately. 

Bernina Express train tickets

Bernina Express train tickets

  • Covers one-way or return Bernina Express journeys  
  • Includes both the ticket fare & seat reservation supplement
Bernina Express - Swiss Travel Pass

Swiss Travel Pass

  • Covers the Swiss Travel System including the Bernina Express
  • Seat reservations need to be purchased separately
Bernina Express - Eurail/Interrail Pass

Eurail/Interrail Pass

  • Cover Swiss trains including Bernina Express
  • Seat reservations are to be purchased separately

Bernina Express ticket
Individual Ticket
All tourists & locals
Starting from CHF 74
Bernina Express with Swiss Travel Pass
Travel Pass
Non-residents of Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Starting from CHF 120
Bernina Express with Eurail Pass
Travel Pass
Non-European residents
Starting from CHF 266.47
Bernina Express with Interrail Pass
Travel Pass
All European residents except Swiss citizens/official residents
Starting from CHF 266.54

Highlights along the Bernina Express route

Chur, Switzerland


The oldest town in Switzerland, Chur is a good starting point for your Bernina adventure. Before you hop on, check out the car-free old town decked with many shops, galleries, and restaurants. 

Bernina Express at Rhine Gorge

Rhine Gorge

Dubbed the Swiss Grand Canyon, the Rhine Gorge is a gorgeous view en route the Bernina Express. Cliffs stacked with pine trees rise on both sides and if you are lucky you can spot wildlife or rafters on the water.

Landwasser Viaduct

Landwasser Viaduct

The Landwasser Valley is traversed by the six-arched curved bridge supported by huge limestone pillars - the Landwasser Viaduct. Experience the magical appeal of traveling over this viaduct heading straight into a tunnel on the Bernina Express. 

Bernina Express to St. Moritz

St. Moritz

A popular holiday resort famous for Alpine winter activities, St Moritz is a great place to camp after your rail adventure with Bernina Express. World-class restaurants and a variety of adventure activities await you in this rich and beautiful Swiss town. 

Bernina Pass

Bernina Pass

The highest point on the Bernina Express journey is the Ospizio Bernina. Catch pretty views of Lake Bianco located on the Bernina Pass. This mountain pass connects St Moritz in the Engadin Valley with the Italian-speaking Valposchiavo. 

Bernina Express at Alp Grüm

Alp Grüm

Fantastic views of the Palu Glacier and deep gorges greet you at the Alp Grum railway station, where the Bernina Express stops for 15 minutes. Breathe some pristine mountain air and click pictures by disembarking here. 

Bernina Express near Morteratsch Glacier

Morteratsch Glacier

A large valley glacier with frosty peaks, Morteratsch Glacier is a stunning sight to behold on the Bernina Express ride. You can take the beautiful hiking trail from the Morteratsch railway station to the glacier.



A town famous for its culinary delights, cultural heritage, and history, Poschiavo will give you a taste of the Mediterranean in the Alps. This Italian-speaking town also boasts the beautiful mountain Lake Poschiavo.

Bernina Express, Brusio Circular Viaduct

Brusio Circular Viaduct

As you approach Tirano, the railway engineering feat - Brusio Circular Viaduct comes into view. The train spirals down this beautiful circular viaduct supported by nine arches and leaves behind a memorable ride traversing not just natural wonders, but human-made ones too.

Bernina Express facilities

Bernina Express facilities
  • Panoramic windows: The first and second-class coaches of the Bernina Express have huge, panoramic windows perfect for sightseeing.
  • Complimentary food: First-class coaches offer complimentary Lindt chocolates and herbal tea.
  • Spacious seats:  Relax in comfortable seating with ample legroom. There are designated spaces for wheelchair users. 
  • Wifi: Stay connected on your journey with the free wifi available onboard.  
  • Luggage racks: Stow away your baggage in the spacious luggage racks. 
  • Temperature-controlled cabins: Maintain a comfortable climate regardless of weather.
  • Snack trolley service: A mini-cart serves beverages, light eats, and souvenirs on the Bernina Express. Please note that there is no dining car or restaurant. 
  • Accessibility: There are spaces dedicated to wheelchair users on the Bernina Express. There is also an accessible toilet in the first class. Passengers need to pre-book assistance by dialing the SBB Call Center Handicap. 
  • Pet policy: Dogs can ride the Bernina Express without a reservation. However, as per the dog's size, a ticket is necessary.

Plan your Bernina Express adventure

Choice of route
Seat reservations
Bernina Express Bus
Good to know
Bernina Express routes
  • Some Bernina Express trains start or end at Chur while others start or end at St Moritz. You can opt for a route as per your base location. Please note that the trains connecting Chur do not stop at St Moritz.
  • The long journey from Chur to Tirano takes 4 hours. The shorter ride from St Moritz to Tirano will take only 2.5 hours. Choose the route as per your time availability. 
  • The choice between first and second-class tickets will depend on your comfort needs, privacy, and budget.
  • Travel season and daylight availability should also be factored in when choosing the route.
Bernina Express Seat reservations
  • To access Bernina Express, you need a ticket and a seat reservation.
  • The Bernina Express ticket includes the ticket fare and the reservation costs.
  • If you are traveling with a Swiss Travel Pass or a Eurail/Interrail Pass, your rail pass will cover the ticket fare alone. You need to purchase seat reservations from the Bernina Express website separately. Read more about seat reservations with Swiss Travel Pass
  • You can also take regional trains along the Bernina Express route and avoid the seat reservation charges. However, you will have to change trains a few times. 
Bernina Express Bus
  • Bernina Express Bus is a seasonal bus that operates from and to Tirano and Lugano
  • It passes through picturesque Italian villages, Lake Como, and the vineyards of the Valtellina
  • Seat reservations are mandatory for this optional bus ride connecting Tirano and Lugano
Bernina Express - Good to know
  • Best time to book: If you are traveling in the summer, book well in advance as there is high demand. 
  • Pack food: There is a mini cart serving drinks and quick bites. However, you are free to bring your food and drink. 
  • St Moritz: There is much to explore in St Moritz. Make it a point to spend some time here as part of your Bernina journey.  
  • Best views: If you are traveling south, sit on the right side of the train for the best views, and choose the left side if traveling north. 
  • Bernina Express InfoT(r)ainment: Use your smartphone to tune into free information about Bernina Express and the sights on the way with this digital travel guide.
  • Stay camera-ready: We needn’t say this, but you will be clicking a lot of pictures as the views are amazing. Furnish your photography skills to make your pictures sparkle! 

Frequently asked questions

Where does the Bernina Express start and end?

Bernina Express runs from Chur or St Moritz in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy and vice versa.

What is the schedule of the Bernina Express?

Bernina Express train timings change with the season and route. Timetables may also be subject to change yearly. 

Is the Bernina Express accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, the Bernina Express is accessible for wheelchair users.

Are dogs allowed on the Bernina Express?

Dogs are welcome on the Bernina Express. Purchasing a dog ticket might be required as per the size of your dog. If traveling to Tirano, make sure you have all the necessary travel documents. 

Can I bring my bicycle on the Bernina Express?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your bicycles on the Bernina Express. If you are traveling with one, opt for regional trains. 

Do I need to reserve seats for the Bernina Express?

Yes, seat reservations are mandatory for the Bernina Express. If you are purchasing a Bernina Express ticket, seat reservation costs are included, but if you are traveling with a pass, you need to make seat reservations separately.

How long is the Bernina Express trip from Tirano to St Moritz?

The journey from Tirano to St Moritz is 2.5 hours long. The longer journey from Tirano to Chur is 4 hours.

Is there food available on the Bernina Express?

There is a mini cart that serves light eats and drinks at the seat. Other than this there is no restaurant on board. Additionally, you can bring your own food and drinks.