Interrail map: Efficient travel planning tool for Interrail passholders

An Interrail map is a valuable resource for organizing your European journey. With it, you can quickly gauge the well-traveled train routes across Europe and the comprehensive reach of the Interrail Global Pass. Interrail Pass is meant for the sole use of European residents. The map will let you easily chart your course, and determine the specific Interrail Pass that suits your needs, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your upcoming exploration of the continent.

Interrail map

Interrail Map

The Interrail map captures the train connections linking major cities across Europe. However, it's important to know that the Interrail Pass coverage extends beyond the connections depicted on the map and includes numerous regional train routes as well. Additionally, the Interrail map provides information on the average travel time between major cities, facilitating more efficient trip planning.

Practical tip: Utilize the map to determine the number of train rides you will take, assess individual ticket prices, and compare them with the cost of the Interrail Pass to determine if it aligns with your budget. It's worth noting that the pass also accords substantial flexibility to your itinerary, in contrast to point-to-point tickets that may restrict you to specific trains.

Understanding the Interrail map

  • The major inter-city train connections in Europe are displayed on the map. It's crucial to emphasize that the scope of the Interrail Pass extends beyond these depicted train routes and includes almost all the regional and local trains as well
  • Simply click on train icons of the interactive map to reveal city names
  • Click on the lines connecting the cities to access information about the average train travel time between those locations

Frequently asked questions

Which cities can I visit with an Interrail Pass?

An Interrail Pass opens the door to exploring numerous cities across 33 European countries. Among them are Budapest, Frankfurt, Prague, London, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Naples, Rome, Geneva and many others. Check out the Interrail countries page to find out more about the cities you can visit with the pass.

What are the scenic routes covered by the Interrail Pass?

The Interrail Pass provides access to Europe's picturesque railway routes, such as the Rhine Valley Line, Rauma Line, Gotthard Panorama Express, Centovalli Railway, Bernina Express, Semmering Line, and numerous others. Read more about the routes covered by train passes on the European scenic routes page.

Which countries are included in the Interrail Pass?

European residents can visit 33 European countries with the Interrail Pass. Some of them are Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, France, Spain, Scotland, and Switzerland. Check out Interrail countries to find out more about the countries you can visit with the Interrail Pass.

Is Paris to London included in Interrail?

Yes, with an Interrail Global Pass, European residents can seamlessly connect from Paris to London. The Eurostar high-speed train, which requires a reservation, is a popular choice to connect between these two vibrant cities.

What are some of the popular train routes included in the Interrail Pass?

Rome to Florence, Paris to Rome, Madrid to Barcelona, Amsterdam to Brussels, Prague to Vienna, and Munich to Salzburg are a few of the popular train routes included in the Interrail Pass.

Where can I access the train schedules to organize my Interrail Pass journey?

For comprehensive train information, including timings, utilize the Rail Planner app. The app is necessary to activate and use your Interrail Mobile Pass. You can also find train timings on railway carrier websites, or at the train stations.

What considerations should be taken into account when planning a journey with an Interrail Pass?

Take advantage of the map and the Rail Planner app resources to plan your routes. Planning will help with choosing an appropriate Interrail Pass and its optimal use. Make advance seat reservations, especially for high-demand trains, as tickets may sell out. Ensure you have all necessary documents, including your passport and residency card/visa, before embarking on your journey. Check out the Europe Trip Planner for effective European holiday planning with train passes.

Is it possible to undertake a spontaneous journey using the Interrail Pass?

One significant distinction between the Interrail Pass and point-to-point tickets lies in their flexibility. While the latter is limited to a specific train journey, the Interrail Pass offers versatility. This means you can embark on any train ride spontaneously by adding the journey to your pass, provided that seat reservations are not obligatory. If seat reservations are mandatory, make them and you are good to go.