Glacier Express tickets

A premium train ride connecting Zermatt to St Moritz, the Glacier Express boasts the title of the slowest express train in the world. Embrace the slow life as you leisurely wind through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges with picture-perfect backdrops of snow-capped mountains, deep gorges, and blue sparkling waters on the scenic Glacier Express. The journey is not only visually stimulating but a pleasure to your palate as well. Soak in nature’s best from the comfort of a cozy seat with panoramic windows. So, what are you waiting for; read on and book your Glacier Express tickets today!

Glacier Express - at a glance

  • Route: St Moritz - Zermatt 
  • Frequency: Number of trains running per day varies with the season
  • Schedule: Timetable changes with the season*
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Distance: 291 km 
  • Reservation: Seat reservation is mandatory
  • Stops: Zermatt, Brig, Fiesch, Andermatt, Disentis, Chur, Thusis, Tiefencastel, Filisur, Bergun, Samedan, Celerina, St Moritz**
  • Ticket types: First, Second, or Excellence Class tickets
  • Requirements: Glacier Express tickets and seat reservation supplements; passport/valid photo ID 
  • Facts: Glacier Express is the slowest express train in the world; it winds past 291 bridges and 91 tunnels

*The number of trains running a day will vary with the season - there are more trains in summer than in winter; Glacier Express does not operate for a brief period yearly.

**Some of these stops are boarding only or deboarding only depending on the direction of travel

Glacier Express ticket options

Glacier Express Excellence Class

  • Best suited for: Travelers looking for a luxurious & scenic train ride 
  • Guaranteed panoramic window access for all passengers
  • 1+1 seating in lounge chairs with recline
  • Five-course meal with wine, concierge service & more perks included
  • Accessed with 1st Class tickets & Excellence Class seat reservations 

Glacier Express First Class

  • Best suited for: Travelers who prioritize privacy & comfort 
  • Panoramic windows, more space & fewer passengers 
  • 2+1 seat composition with bays of 4 & 2 with a table 
  • Onboard amenities like power sockets, free wifi, printed train guide, & more
  • At-seat catering for meals purchased separately 

Glacier Express Second Class

  • Best suited for: Budget travelers
  • Panoramic windows 
  • 2+2 seat composition with bays of 4 with a table
  • Affordable tickets with ample amenities like power sockets, free wifi & more
  • At-seat catering for meals purchased separately 

Unlock access to the Glacier Express

There are multiple ways to gain access to the Glacier Express. You need a ticket to access the train and a seat reservation supplement to secure your seat. As the access ticket, you need a normal Glacier Express ticket or a travel pass like a Eurail/Interrail Pass or a Swiss Travel Pass, which covers the Glacier Express. Additionally, you need to purchase a seat reservation separately from the Glacier Express website.

  • Normal Glacier Express tickets are open for booking 60 days before departure
  • Seat reservations are open for 93 days ahead of departure
  • Passes usually have much longer validity periods

Glacier Express train tickets

  • One-way or return Glacier Express journeys are covered as per ticket choice
  • Includes both the ticket fare & seat reservation supplement

Swiss Travel Pass

  • Covers the Swiss Travel System including the Glacier Express
  • Seat reservations need to be made separately

Eurail/Interrail Pass

  • Covers Swiss trains including Glacier Express 
  • Reservations tickets are to be purchased separately

Glacier Express ticket
Individual Ticket
All tourists & locals in Switzerland
Starting from 159 CHF
Glacier Express with Swiss Travel Pass
Travel Pass
Non-residents of Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Starting from CHF 120
Glacier Express with Eurail Pass
Travel Pass
Non-European residents
Starting from CHF 266.47
Glacier Express with Interrail Pass
Travel Pass
All European residents except Swiss citizens/official residents
Starting from CHF 266.54

Highlights along the Glacier Express route

St. Moritz

A glamorous Alpine resort town, St. Moritz is perfect for a luxurious Swiss experience in the company of pristine lakes, stunning scenery, adventurous skiing, and world-class restaurants. Camp here before or after your Glacier Express journey.

Landwasser Viaduct

A true architectural marvel, the Landwasser Viaduct gracefully traverses the deep, beautiful, and rugged gorge below. Your eyes will be peeled to the windows as the Glacier Express curves along this six-arched viaduct and heads straight into a tunnel.


Distinguished as the oldest town in Switzerland, Chur is pristinely clean and has a medieval charm with mountains looming in the background. Check out Chur’s car-free old town and the many museums and shops.

Rhine Gorge

The gorgeously blue waters of the Rhine Gorge, a.k.a the Swiss Grand Canyon, is a natural masterpiece along the Glacier Express journey. The Express follows the Rhine River for quite some time and the gorge has steep rock faces decked with pine trees.


Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Disentis is a tranquil retreat on the Glacier Express route. Here, the Express stops for about 10 minutes; just the right amount of time to stretch your legs on the platform!

Oberalp Pass

The Glacier Express ascends to its highest point at the Oberalp Pass located 2033 meters above sea level. This high mountain pass links Disentis to Andermatt.


A picturesque Alpine village, Andermatt is perfect for ski lovers. The views of the surrounding mountains are out of this world. The cobble-stone streets with pretty buildings increase its charm. It transforms into a postcard-perfect snow-blanketed town in winter.


With medieval buildings like the 17th century Stockalper Castle, and St.Sebastian Chapel, the historic town of Brig sits on the Glacier Express route. You can find the Aletsch Glacier, and Simplon ski regions nearby.


Home to the iconic Matterhorn, the vibrant Zermatt is a fitting finale to the Glacier Express adventure. The mountain town is car-free and offers easy access to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and the Gornergrat. 

Glacier Express facilities

  • Panoramic windows: Huge glass windows flank the Glacier Express for the ultimate sightseeing experience.
  • Air-conditioned: No matter what the outside temperature, stay cool and comfortable in the air-conditioned train coaches.
  • Free wifi & power sockets: Enjoy excellent connectivity even while traversing mountains with the free wifi onboard and charge up your devices at the easily accessible power plugs at every seat.
  • Inclusions: Take advantage of the many amenities available like the printed train guide, and infotainment system offering interesting details about the route in 7 languages.
  • Bar: Hit the onboard bar for some alcoholic treats. The staff will also come to take food orders and deliver them at-seat.
  • Meals: Meals are available at an extra cost in the 1st & 2nd class coaches. It is included in the Excellence class. The food is freshly produced onboard. You can also pre-book your meals and consume them at your seat. 
  • Luggage space: There is ample storage space on the racks near the door and in between seats.
  • Pet policy: Except for assistance dogs, animals are not permitted in the Glacier Express due to food hygiene laws.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: The Glacier Express is wheelchair accessible and is equipped with accessible toilets in the 1st class compartment. For further information, you can contact SBB’s Handicap Call Center.

Plan your Glacier Express adventure

Customize your journey
Glacier Express reservations
Glacier Express Excellence Class
Good to know
  • The entire journey from/to Zermatt and St Moritz takes around 8 hours. However, if you are short on time, you can ride the Glacier Express for shorter legs of the journey, for example, between St. Moritz and Andermatt or Chur and Brig. 
  • Tailor the rail trip to fit your requirements by choosing between first, second, and excellence class coaches as per your budget and comfort needs.
  • Excellence class is the most sought-after Glacier Express ticket & hence sells like hotcakes, so reserve early
  • A friendly host will readily meet all your needs - securing luggage, interesting features of the journeys, culinary requests, or personal queries
  • Lounge seats with recline and lumbar support by the window
  • A five-course meal with wine, champagne, other snacks & refreshments included
  • An exclusive Glacier Bar just for Excellence class passengers
  • Excellence Class is available on trains PE 903, PE 902 & PE 923
  • Note that Excellence Class is not available from 25.03.2024 to 12.04.2024
  • To access this class, you need a first-class ticket (or 1st class Interrail/Eurail/Swiss Travel Pass) and an Excellence class seat reservation

Head back home feeling pampered, with a bunch of beautiful memories of a grand train journey amidst the mountains of Switzerland and souvenirs!

  • Accessibility: Glacier Express is fully accessible for wheelchair users. If a disabled guest cannot leave their wheelchair during the journey, they must reserve their seat through Glacier Express Central Reservations; others can reserve through the usual reservation process. 
  • Luggage: Refrain from bringing more than one bag (other than your hand luggage) on the Glacier Express
  • Pre-book meals: If you are traveling via 1st or 2nd class, we recommend pre-booking your meals along with the seat reservation
  • Blackout dates: The Glacier Express will not operate from 13.10.2024 to 07.12.2024
  • Take the experience twice: The Glacier Express journey is totally different in summer and winter and equally spectacular, so if you can, take the trip twice.
  • Camera tricks: Though the panoramic windows are great for sightseeing, they cause glare when clicking pictures. Avoid this by accessing the droplights that can be opened at the entrance door. The window in the bar car also pulls down. 

Frequently asked questions

Where does the Glacier Express start and end?

Glacier Express runs between Zermatt and St Moritz in Switzerland. 

What is the schedule of the Glacier Express?

Glacier Express's timetable changes with the season. More trains run in summer than in winter. Timetables are also subject to change yearly. 

Are dogs allowed on the Glacier Express?

Due to food hygiene laws, all dogs except assistance dogs are not allowed on the Glacier Express. 

Is the Glacier Express accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, the Glacier Express is accessible for wheelchair users. There are also accessible toilets onboard. You can request assistance to board and deboard when making seat reservations.

Do I need to reserve seats for the Glacier Express?

Yes, seat reservations are mandatory for the Glacier Express. 

How long is the Glacier Express trip from Zermatt to St Moritz?

The journey from Zermatt to St Moritz is 8 hours long. The slow pace is, however, rewarded with excellent views and extraordinary comfort on board.

Is food free on the Glacier Express?

Food is included in the seat reservation for the Excellence class passengers. You can buy the food separately and eat it at your seat in the 1st and 2nd class. You are also free to bring along food. Train staff usually come to you to take orders. There is also an option to pre-book meals online.

Is there a cheaper alternative to the Glacier Express?

While the Glacier Express is a unique and incredibly comfortable journey that is totally worth every penny, you can still catch the same scenery on regional trains that traverse the Glacier Express route. You will have to change trains more often, but you need not make reservations on these regional trains.

Is the Glacier Express better in summer or winter?

Glacier Express views are totally different in the summer and winter. While summer brings a pop of color to the mountains and valleys, blossoming with unique flora, the cold season transforms it into a winter wonderland. If you can, you should take the journey twice because both are beautiful in their own ways. Even in winter, whether eastbound or westbound, the Glacier Express journey happens in daylight.